Telus-to-Optik rebranding disappoints consumers, dubbed an ‘epic fail’

Telus recently rebranded its TV and Internet services, calling them Optik TV and Optik Internet.

The Vancouver-based company, which has 6.6 million wireless subscribers, 1.2 million Internet subscribers, and 200,000 TV customers, has confused – and angered – many consumers. The public feedback has been that this rebranding was unnecessary, with many critics declaring it a see-through mask over Telus’ poor reputation for service, and a money-suck – dollars that should have gone into improving the quality of their products and services.

When The Globe and Mail published a short article on the rebrand on just over a week ago, consumers were quick to pounce. Comments on the article have been largely loathing. One reader asked the rhetorical question, “What does it say about a company when their brand is so bad, and so disrespected, that they have try and hide who is actually providing the service? Epic fail, Telus.” Others merely sighed and shrugged at the disappointingly generic name: “Worst. Brand name. Ever,” was one response. 

“Rebranding is easier than providing a quality product and service,” said another reader. “This is a dud company.”

Time will tell if Optik TV and Internet products see greater or worse success than they did as Telus-branded products.

What are your thoughts on Telus and Optik?