Telus Wins VoIP Contract for Vancouver City Services

I always enjoy news about big infrastructure deployments. The City of Vancouver, 2010 Olympic host city and western terminus of the CPR, has awarded a $7 millon contract to Telus to provide an IP telephony system for city services. This includes 200 sites comprising Police, Fire and Rescue, parks, and libraries. The system will be based on Cisco technology, included 6,500 Cisco Unified IP Phones.

Part of this system will include a new contact centre for the city’s 311 number. Citizens will be able to dial 311 for non-emergency municipal services and information, 24/7 in multiple languages. The creation of the 311 system was originally passed by city council in November 2006, and will be launched in mid-2009.

The writing’s on the wall: POTS is out, data and VoIP are in. A harsh reality for Telus, but they seem to be adapting well to the changing face of telecom.

Anyone know of other companies that bid on the RFP?