Ten Reasons Non-Techies will Love the Apple iPad

I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’m not really what people would call a techie.  I don’t have a smartphone and I just figured out that a Cloud does more than give us precipitation.  However, I think I’m going to love the iPad.  Beyond it being just another cool product from Apple.  So I thought I’d give you all some reasons why non-techies (like me!) will love (or grow to love) this new gadget.

  1. Saves the newspaper industry.  you see we’re a little old fashioned.  Or maybe we’re what you’d call late adopters.  Regardless, we like going outside in the freezing cold and getting our newspapers.  We also enjoy the copious amounts of warm water and soap we use to wash our hands clean after reading the whole thing.
  2. So light I can carry it and not rupture a hernia.  I can now carry around a “computer”.  Never mind not having an iPhone or iTouch.  The iPad is one sexy beast that will actually fit in our backpack.  Have you ever tried carrying those towers around?
  3. I’ll be able to play cool interactive games without wearing glasses.  I love playing those cell phone games while I’m travelling on the subways in Toronto.  Problem is, I’m sure it’s not good for my eyesight.  Smartphones are probably not that better.  With the iPad, it’s like having an arcade in my hands.  Can’t do that with a Wii.  Or can you?
  4. I can be cool without being a nerd.  The best thing about Apple is that they make things for mass consumption.  The second best thing is that they make things that nerds and techies love.  The best of both worlds.
  5. The price is right.  A computer for $500?  That’s cheaper than the $1400 I paid for my first Compaq laptop 10 years ago.  And it’s obviously way better.
  6. My books, news, games, social media, email, pictures, movies and music all on one device. The Swiss Army of gadgets.  I’ve read, listened to my favourite podcast, bounced my head to the latest form U2.  All on different devices.  Now everything is on one.  And even ifit can’t do something, I’m sure they’ll be an App for that too.
  7. I can still keep my BlackBerry.  I didn’t hear that the iPad has phone capabilities (not including Skype).  So I get to keep some Canadian content in my pocket.
  8. I can write it off as a business expense.  Because of company’s like Marketcircle who develop business apps for Apple’s products.
  9. Rich media apps like Hardcore’s Score on a bigger screen.  To be able to watch the highlights on the bus or in the passenger seat of the car as you’re going to work is cool.  I don’t care who you are, watching them on your smartphone was nice but not great.
  10. It’s better than your Kindle.  The iBooks app is a Kindle killer.  Unless you’re the biggest fan of Amazon and have already purchased/downloaded tonnes alot of books, why would you buy a Kindle?  Even I know that one trick pony’s don’t last long.  However, I think Amazon will be able to sell more “digital” books because of iPad.

Why will you love the iPad?  Or, why will you hate it?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!