Terapeak Launches ‘Game-changing’ Product for Amazon Retailers

Today, Victoria’s Terapeak launched an e-commerce market analytics solution for Amazon retailers that is designed to provide merchants with visibility into the online retail giant’s marketplace.

The Canadian company says its product will enable online merchants to research products; see minimum, maximum, and average prices of any product; filter and refine searches by brand name and merchandise condition; get a market overview; and more.

Similar to Terapeak for eBay, this new Amazon edition provides online merchants with valuable market intelligence that allows them to analyze, understand, and predict consumer and product behaviour in e-commerce.

“Terapeak has been renowned for its ability to provide marketplace visibility for eBay merchants, but with multi-channel selling becoming the new normal, our customers were asking us to deliver analytics for Amazon.com as well,” said Kevin North, president and CEO of Terapeak. “Not only are we providing our customers with this capability, but we are doing so at no additional cost to them. The delivery of Terapeak’s first Amazon.com product is yet another example of how we will always be accountable to our customers.”

Here’s why Terapeak thinks its product will be a “game-changer”:

This week’s launch of Terapeak for Amazon.com is nothing less than a game changer. Terapeak for eBay and MySales are included in every Terapeak subscription at no additional cost. Every Terapeak subscriber will have access to eBay and Amazon market insights, as well as the ability to see and compare their own sales data to market activity With Terapeak for For the first time, online sellers have immediate access to detailed trend and transaction data from the two most recognized e-commerce brands on earth, all in one place and all alongside an exclusive tool to easily link this data to their own businesses in real time.

Customers can start a seven-day free trial here.