Terapeak included in eBay Selling Manager App beta

Today eBay opened its Selling Manager platform to 3rd party developers allowing them to embed their own custom applications within the Selling Manager at eBay. Pretty cool if you’re a Power Seller and use eBay to make a living selling online.

The platform can manage every aspect of their eBay business including invoicing, inventory tracking, and shipping. With the new Applications Beta, these sellers will now have the ability to pick and choose from a number of third-party apps which will help them better manage their eBay business.

Among the first eBay partners to release a Selling Manager application is UPS – their WorldShip shipping software will be integrated directly within the eBay Selling Manager so sellers can manage shipments without having to leave eBay to do so.

Among the handful of partners included in today’s announcement is Victoria’s Terapeak – a world-leader in e-commerce analytics and research. Terapeak’s Andrew Sukow and Victor Fani are in San Francisco this week at the Web 2.0 Expo participating in the eBay booth along with three other Selling Manager applications included in today’s announcment: HostedSupport, ahTEXT.com and Cloud Conversion.

Terapeak and AERS have been involved in the eBay Selling Manager Applications beta since it was originally introduced back in June 2008 as a closed pilot program and will see their applications fo live on eBay this summer.