Terapeak Open US Headquarters in Silicon Valley

Victoria’s Terapeak today announced the opening of its new US headquarters in Palo Alto. 

As a leader in the field of e-commerce analytics and big data management, Terapeak’s move to Silicon Valley brings the company closer to some of its largest customers and existing partners.  This strategic move into the US is the first step in Terapeak’s design to build global operations, starting with a home base in Palo Alto where the majority of the company’s management team is expected to be located.

“I am very excited about both the opening and the location of our new office in downtown Palo Alto,” said Kevin North, President and CEO of Terapeak.  “Our presence in the Valley was the logical choice for our company, given the close proximity to our partners, customers and skilled technology talent.  Palo Alto is a breeding ground for ingenuity, innovation and entrepreneurship.  We look forward to being a part of that community and adding local talent to our existing world-class team.”



Terapeak serves more than half a million online retailers, and offers valuable data-driven reporting to clients ranging from small business merchants to Fortune 500 companies.  E-commerce merchants use Terapeak’s reporting to evaluate price points, market trends, and their competition.