Terapeak Tracks eBay iPhone Market

Whether they expected yesterday’s iPhone announcement or not, today is an ideal day for Victoria based Terapeak to launch their iPhone Index. In the form of widget (below) or page, Terapeak does what they do best (mining eBay data) to generate a graph of the going price and volume of locked and unlocked iPhones on eBay.

The current going rate is ~$420 for a locked iPhone, and ~$520 for unlocked. It will be interesting to see how this price fluctuates in coming weeks. Will unlocked iPhones drop in value now that they’ll be available legitimately in more places? Will first generation iPhones start going for bargain prices? The bombshell of yesterday’s keynote was the new price of $199 for an 8GB iPhone, but it seems that one detail Jobs left out of the keynote is that price comes with a two year contract, according to AT&T. Rogers has provided no details on plans or contract, leaving many unanswered questions. If you don’t care about iPhones, check out the green “Search” section. You can type in any query and get back a similar graph of average price and volume. Seems my Oilers-era Wayne Gretzky doll could fetch up to $250, but would likely be closer to the average of $54.