Test Driving the Chevy Volt in Vancouver

This is a guest post written by Blogger Kemp Edmonds – a longer verson of this blog post is available here.


After testing driving the Chevy Volt we made this short 60 second video to highlight the most important features:

  • Full electric up to 64km
  • Gasoline engine kicks in after 64km
  • Chargeable on a standard outlet
  • A full charge takes 3-8 hours
  • Sport mode

The journey of the Chevrolet Volt has been long and arduous. I remember hearing whispers of its development about 5 years ago. It was a near mythical vehicle (top). Now the real deal (bottom) is en route and this November you can have one. You can own a piece of the future. I am not kidding. The fact that it can go 64km, the average daily commute of 75% Americans, on a single charge using absolutely no gasoline says more than anything else.

To see all the rest of the amazing stats you can check out the wikipedia reference. Driving it was pretty similar to driving a very nice new virtually noise free electric vehicle. So, like nothing any consumer has had the luxury to enjoy yet.