Textbookrental.ca Let’s Students Save Money And The Environment

textbookrental.caWith the start of a new school year right around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for those much needed textbooks and required reading materials.  A quick search on the Dalhousie University website pegs textbooks as ~$1000 of your costs.  Wouldn’t it be nice to pay a little less?

Textbookrental.ca, a 100% Canadian student company, claims they can save students up to 75% off textbook prices by renting them to students.  Just return the text after your final for someone to rent out the next term.  Not only that, they have an ambassador program, where you can earn 8% on any textbooks rented or sold back to Textbookrental.ca using your ambassador code.  The ambassador program has other benefits too, such as credit on referrals, and entry to win prizes.

Textbookrental.ca try to make the process as easy as possible for you.  Simply rent the textbook required for your class, use the textbook however you like (highlighting allowed), and ship it back to them for free.  If you live in Southern Ontario they even have drop-off locations.

According to Green Press Initiative, textbooks account for 20% of the entire book publishing market, a whopping 200,000 tons of paper annually (4 million trees).  When you combine that with the fact that publishers come out with new versions fairly regularly, and student’s only need the textbook for a term or two, it becomes very apparent that something needs to be done.

For more on textbookrental.ca, see this Maclean’s Magazine article.  Find more about the high cost of access to information here at Techvibes.