The 10 Most Overused Buzzwords Found on Online Résumés in Canada

LinkedIn has revealed the most overused buzzwords in the context of online résumés.

The world’s largest professional network with 260 million members, including more than six million in Canada today, says that in Canada, the most overused buzzword this year on LinkedIn Profiles is “responsible.” In 2012 it was “creative” (which still made this list), while in the list’s first year it was “extensive experience.”

Here’s the full list:

1. Responsible

2. Strategic

3. Effective

4. Creative

5. Organizational

6. Expert

7. Positive

8. Innovative

9. Dynamic

10. Analytical

“Building your professional brand is an important step to being successful in the workforce,” says Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert. “But if you sound like everyone else, you won’t stand out from other professionals vying for opportunities.”

“Differentiate yourself by uniquely describing what you have accomplished in your career and back it up with concrete examples of your work by adding photos, videos and presentations to your profile that demonstrate your best work,” she added. “Providing concrete examples to demonstrate how you are responsible or strategic is always better than just simply using the words.”

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