Canadian Cloud Council Announces The 400 Collective, Speakers for Cloud Factory Conference

The Canadian Cloud Council (cCc) is excited to announce an organizational restructuring, new website and two new initiatives: patronage opportunities and the The 400 collective.

The restructuring brings a new patronage model with sponsorship opportunities available to a select group of organizations who are global leaders in the rapidly evolving cloud computing industry.

The organization also launched The 400, a collective of the 40 most influential cloud computing executives around the world. The 400 will meet annually to discuss the future of enterprise technology and its impact on the global socio-economic landscape.

“Cloud Computing is the most significant paradigm shift in technology since the industrial revolution,” said Robert Hart, CEO of the cCc.  “In the next few years, we’ll see the term ‘cloud computing’ becoming interchangeable with the term ‘enterprise IT.’ The Traditional computing and software development models will be radically transformed. And geographical borders and propietary platforms will give way to open, democratized and global innovation ecosytems.”

“We restructured the organization with this understanding and plan on expanding accross the globe with agility, scale and brute force,” he added.

The cCc’s next major event, The Cloud Factory, in partnership with Boast Capital, will be held on April 7 and 8 in Banff, and will bring together the best minds in technology – from large enterprise companies like VMWare, Redhat and New York Times to the most innovative startups like Twilio, Nebula and Nutanix – to discuss how cloud computing is driving new business models within and outside of Canadian borders.

New additions to the already stellar lineup include James Barrese, CTO of Paypal, Michelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee, Jason Hoffman, Head of Digital at Ericsson, and Kerry Bailey, SVP at HP. Learn more and register for The Cloud Factory at