The 5 Biggest Software Companies in BC

From mobile apps to social networking platforms, software is driving our world right now. 

Using data compiled by Business in Vancouver, I’ve listed the 5 software companies employing the most people in BC. I also identify whether the comapny has downsized from last year (–), maintained its headcount (=), or grown its staff (+), plus the year it was founded. Not surprisingly, software companies haven’t been downsizing as the need for their services is greater than ever.

Note: This list excludes video game developers, who are worthy of their own list later on!

1. SAP Canada, founded in 1972, empoys 1,200. (=)

2. MacDonald Dettwiler, founded in 1969, employs 800. (=)

3. McKesson Medical Imaging, founded in 1988, employs 700. (+)

4. Sage, founded in 1981, employs 425. (+)

5. Absolute Software, founded in 1993, employs 350. (+)