The 7 Hottest Topics on Techvibes Last Month

October was a great month for Techvibes—while the season may be Fall, our traffic’s on the rise. We thank our growing community of loyal readers for their support and promise to keep delivering the great content you’ve come to love.

Last month, there were many hot topics on hand, such as the controversy surrounding Rogers and Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg visiting Vancouver. Here are the 7 hottest topics and the articles covering them.

1. Mark Zuckerberg in Vancouver. 

It started when news surfaced that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in Vancouver. With no known reason behind the visit, curiosity was peaked. Rumours flew—the most interesting of which was that the billionaire came to town to discuss acquiring HootSuite, Invoke Media’s popular social media dashboard. So far, all we know he acquired was a Japadog.

There were numerous other potential reasons, but ultimately Zuck’s visit remains a mystery.

2. Rogers is the world’s worst internet throttler. Officially. And the CRTC knows it.

Consumers were angry—and that’s putting it lightly—to discover that Toronto-based telco Rogers is officially the world’s worst internet throttler. With folks fuming at the numbers revealed by research, the article garnered many comments, most with harsh words for the internet provider. Shortly after, the CRTC announced progress on its case against Rogers, adding fuel to the firestorm.

3. Canada’s top 100 Startups.

Every month, Techvibes features Canada’s top 100 startups (based on traffic according to data from Alexa). We also break down top startups by cities. Readers and startup founders enjoy seeing who’s up and down month-to-month.

4. Can BlackBerry make a comeback?

New to Techvibes, young writer Rolando Fuentes penned a piece titled “Why BlackBerry Will Make a Comeback.” Many readers rallied in support of the Waterloo tech firm, hoping it can indeed recover—but just as many insisted the company cannot reverse its downward spiral. The debate sparked plenty of interest.

5. Is B.C. premier Christy Clark a slut?

Well, no, actually. NDP MLA David Schreck is just an idiot. In a political story that, for once, wasn’t about political leanings, a Twitter fight raged over whether or not Christy’s attire was revealing (read: it wasn’t). Even Adrian Dix threw David under the bus on this one as readers laughed at the situation. Thanks Twitter!

6. Silicon Valley’s highest paying companies.

We all know the Silicon Valley giants compensate their top brass well. But people were interested to learn that newcomer Twitter—whose business model is just starting to generate revenue, let alone consistent profit growth—was the highest-paying of all.

7. The iPhone 5. ‘Nuff said.

In my provocative piece, “It Looks Like Apple is Launching the iPhone 5 After All,” I talked about the warped perceptions of consumers and the lack of definition surrounding “major” versus “minor” product updates. Everyone based their opinions on the new device’s name, not its improvements—when in fact the smartphone was undoubtedly a significant upgrade. Some agreed, others didn’t.