The Art of Management: A Look Back

Earlier this week in Toronto, hundreds of management types descended on the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to attend The Art of Management conference.  The conference featured best-selling authors, CEOs, and sought after speakers:

  1. Mitch Joel
  2. Nilofer Merchant
  3. Michael Eisner
  4. Simon Sinek
  5. Malcolm Gladwell

Whether it’s leadership, strategy, innovation or performance The Art of Management delivered unrivaled access to the very latest thinking directly from those who are setting the agenda.

Here are some of the more notable quotes from The Art of Management:

Mitch Joel

  • We don’t listen to peers anymore. We listen to peer reviews.
  • It’s not about the tools.  It’s about communication between people.
  • People are connected even at work.  They don’t need your internet connection because they’re online all the time with their mobile phones.
  • Don’t write cheques for Social Media that your company can’t cash.

Nilofer Merchant

  • The future will not be created.  It will be co-created.
  • Without Alfred there is no Batman.  Be an enabler of the hero’s.
  • Is your business focused on its current position or on momentum?

Michael Eisner

  • Creativity is not a result of big budgets.  Creativity flourishes regardless of budgets.

Simon Sinek

  • People don’t buy what you do.  They buy your why.
  • Facts and figures don’t drive decisions.  Decisions are emotionally driven.

Malcolm Gladwell

  • Having as much information as possible leads experts to have more confidence in their diagnosis.  It does not necessarily lead to an improvement of the diagnosis.