The Art of Marketing through the eyes of the Changemakers

If there was ever a pivotal moment to attend an event like “The Art of Marketing,” the future is calling, and the time is now.  With inherent changes and questions facing consumers, strategists, and leaders alike, it’s never been a better time to evaluate the current scope of the marketing discipline and understand consumer buying behaviours in a tangible manner.

The Art of Marketing offers the opportunity to hear from the game changing individuals within our digitally driven enviornment in a thoughtful and engaged approach.  Speakers include:

Seth Godin – The author of the New York Times best seller “Permission Marketing” is reverred in both the online and offline worlds.  As a global phenomenon, the creator behind the most consumed blog in the world is someone who understands customer psyche inside and out, at a macro level. 

Mitch Joel – Dubbed as the social media and digital marketing expert (if we are to employ that term within the context of the last five years), is on the cutting edge of understanding the complex social connectors that make a business tick.  He has devoted his time to understanding that relationships in an online and offline world have more similarities than not and that the success of an indiviodual is based on the recognition of the importance of those connections.

Max Lenderman – As radical and experiential marketing becomes more of a mainstream strategy, Lenderman uses his expertise in the area he knows best: employing the examination of brands and products to their maxium level and deconstructing the essence of communication between indivudals and businesses.

With a truly integrated panel of speakers and thought leaders, check back on Techvibes for the post-event wrap up and insights from the changemakers themeselves.