The Average User Spends Seven Hours Per Month on Facebook. For Google+? Three Minutes

As Google continues to shove its social network, Google+, down users’ throats, the concept of engagement—a rather crucial component of a social community—seems totally lost on the seemingly socially inept company. While it boastfully claims nearly 100 million users worldwide, mostly drawn from those inadvertently signing up while using other Google products, Google+ remains a virtual ghost town.

On Facebook, the average user spends upward of seven hours per month on the website, according to new data from comScore. But on Google+, the average user spends about three minutes, the findings reveal. Oh, and that’s actually on the decline too: users spent closer to five minutes per month on Google+ last December, and just over five minutes per month last November. Even MySpace users spend more time on their social network than Google+ users!

A Google spokeswoman replied to the report by saying Google+ is “not a site,” but rather “a deepening of its relationship to billions of existing users who are already committed to Google’s services.” Interesting vomit you just spewed there, lady. Apparently, “by this measure, engagement is already enormous.” Yeah… okay.

Google+ may be the fastest-growing social network in the history of the universe, but that’s because Google already had hundreds of millions of users. Not because it’s a good, or even popular, social network.

Photo: Digital Trends