The Biggest Challenge for Tech Startups? Recruitment and Retention [Infographic]

When you think of the formidable challenges tech startup CEOs face, a few obvious things come to mind, such as raising capital from poker-faced investors and trying to sell your brand new product to fleeting consumers. It’s hard to build a company from scratch. But if the saying that a business is simply the people behind it holds true, then perhaps it’s not surprising that PwC found CEOs’ biggest challenge these days is recruiting and retaining talent.

For the first time, CEOs listed managing talent as their biggest issue (26%) compared to revenue (25%) and funding (18%) in PwC’s annual report, Connecting Vision to Reality. 

“On the one hand you could say that Canadian start-ups need to do a better job of finding and keeping the right people with the right skills. However, it’s disconcerting that the current talent pool may actually lack the skills, knowledge, or experience needed by today’s tech companies,” says Peter Matutat, PwC’s National Emerging Company Practice Leader.

Check out the infographic below for deeper insight.