The Brave New World of Startup Tech Investing

On September 25 Pycap Venture Partners promises to give you a “glimpse into the brave new world of startup tech investing.”

Pycap is raising $10 million for “the only Venture Capital fund of its kind in Canada” that allows accredited investors to invest in startup tech angel investments through a structured, diversified portfolio.

Investors have exposure to deals sourced by successful angel investors and other VCs through Pycap’s Sidecar Strategy, where most investors would not normally have the capital or network to participate.

Learn how you can invest alongside an “exclusive set of institutional investors and ultra high net worth individuals” at an upcoming information session in Toronto.

The “Brave New World” of Startup Tech Investing takes place on September 25 at Blakes from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Register online to attend.