The C100 60 Minutes in The Valley Event

The C100, a group of Canadians in The Valley that host events to promote Canadian Entrepreneurs, hosted an afternoon of presenting and mentoring via Cisco’s telepresence conference rooms. A non-profit, member driven organization, The C100 aims to grow successful, Canadian-led technology companies.

In Calgary, three companies spent the afternoon presenting and getting advice. Each company had an hour to present, ask questions and get feedback. The feedback was from a combination of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and mentors in a separate conference room in San Jose.

Mentors listened to the presentations, pointed out issues and tried to provide solutions or helpful suggestions. They also added thoughts and ideas around overcoming hurdles the Canadian companies were facing. The mentors offered up advice, opinions, introductions and free office space.

If you get a chance to check out one of Cisco’s telepresence conference rooms, it’s a neat experience. Each room is set up exactly the same, further adding to the illusion that you are all in the same room. For more information on The C100, check out their website. They list confirmed C100 events on there, so check back to see what event you’d like to attend.