The Calgary Twittersphere – An update by Mack Male

While it seems odd that the best analysis of the Calgary twittersphere is done by Edmontonian Mack Male, I’m not complaning. His excellent once-a-month analyses are always examples of excellent research. You can find the full report on his blog here.  

Some of the more interesting tidbits from his report. 

  • # of local users: 5861 (an increase of 210 over April)
  • # of tweets by local users containing #yyc: 3228 (1.5%)
  • # of tweets by local users that were replies: 74979 (35.8%)
  • # of tweets by local users containing links: 43354 (20.7%)

Edmonton far outpaces Calgary with the use of the local hashtag with 5.4% of total tweets in Edmonton containing the #yeg hashtag (according to the May State of the Edmonton Twittersphere report). 

The plateau in new users mirrors Twitter’s own plateau in unique visitors

He’s really done an excellent job of parsing the data with a most active user list, a most replied to user list, even breaking down the percentage of tweets between 9 am to 5 pm (Twitter a timewaster at work? Pish posh). If you are a Calgary Twitter user, check out the report