The CCAT is out of the bag

On Wednesday night I attended CCAT’s AGM where they not only introduced the new Volunteer Board for 2008-2009, they also unveiled a new logo and new website to celebrate CCAT’s 25th Anniversary! With free food and free wine the atmosphere was a buzz… what better way is there to get a room full of techies to network with each other?

The new logo, as seen here, brings a fresh new look to CCAT. They have also incorporated a cool new website… check it out.

As many organizations with 25 years of history may find, things can get stale easily. CCAT has always been about “Bringing technology and business together” but this year’s line up of events promises to put the spotlight on fresh new topics that are not only relevant to the IT Community, but also the broader Business Community here in Calgary. With future looking topics like Social Computing, Aerospace, Transportation, Energy, Gaming, Health Care, Micro-Sustainability and even “The Future of BBQ’s” this year’s line up of events should be both interesting and fun!

The next CCAT event is “The Future of Social Computing” with special guest Derek Ball from Tynt speaking about his company, and the continuing evolution of society through the interweaving of our digital lives with our physical world. The venue is SAIT’s Heritage Hall and the date is October 15th. It’s a breakfast event…and in my physical world that means they better have plenty of strong, hot coffee!