The Coconut Valley Mission

“If you don’t like what’s being said… change the conversation.” —Don Draper

Or, if nothing’s being said, start the conversation! Every great message needs its messengers though. The historical evidence is overwhelming. Where would Judeo-Christianity be without its Apostles? Where would Islam be without its Prophets? And where would South Florida tech be without its evangelists? It might still be known as Silicon Beach, but not for its tech.

Who are these South Florida tech messengers? Brian Breslin (Infinimedia), Alex de Carvalho (StartPR), Davide Di Cillo (Get Apps Done), and Peter Martinez (Pikchur). Together, these modern proselytizers are responsible for a host of technology related events: Refresh Miami, Social Media Club South Florida, Mobile Monday Miami, and regional programs for Facebook Developer Garage and BarCamp.

The crowds at these Miami-based tech events are as diverse as the city itself. You’ll find programmers, entrepreneurs, professors, web designers, reporters, bloggers, photographers, social media mavens, marketers, musicians, and more. It’s not uncommon to run into attendees who endure relatively hefty travels from Fort Myers or Tampa to get to these events.

For an area that was once a very small (some would say non-existent) tech hub… how did four people change the scene? They are setting out to share their story at the next SXSW. Brian Breslin has submitted a panel, Coconut Valley – Building a Tech Community on the Beach, where (if they get enough votes) they will discuss “tips and tricks for growing your own tech community even in the most unfriendly/untechy areas of the world.”

In order for them to be able to give this presentation, however, they need your votes. Whether you want to help South Florida gain some tech cred or are interested in hearing what these four bright guys have to say about growing a community, head over to And remember: vote early, vote often!