The Coworking Space Ship Tour Lands in Toronto and Vancouver as Coworking Phenomenon Spreads

A space ship is landing in Canada.

The Coworking Space Ship Tour, organized by Deskwanted, Deskmag, and Coworking Toronto, is a one-evening event happening next Tuesday, March 27, from 7pm to 10pm. The Space Ship will feature talks from experts on the global collaborative work scene, as well as a focused discussion on developments within Toronto. A Vancouver edition happens the following day.

Coworking spaces have become a worldwide phenomenon—from major startup incubators and accelerators to simple, open-space rent-a-desk offices, working near and with people from other companies is a rising trend in Canada and around the world. Colleges are doing it now and creative products are being built for it.

Carsten Foertsch, Editor of Deskmag, will analyze the Global Coworking Survey, the biggest and most detailed study of the trend, during the event. “The survey found 38% of coworkers increase their income and 83% increase their productivity simply by moving from an isolated home office to a collaborative environment,” she notes.

Carsten cites that only half of all coworkers are freelancers; the other half are employees of companies—a sign that some organizations have realized the benefits of sending their staff into collaborative workspaces. The number of coworking spaces has doubled worldwide since 2003, according to Deskmag’s Global Coworking Survey, reaching 1,300 last month.

“Though we’ve been working to raise the profile of coworking across the city with some very grassroots methods,” Rachel Young, Chair of Coworking Toronto, says, “this is the first event where we’re engaging elected officials to join us in the conversation.”