The CRTC may come back with same UBB decision after review – but the Government is ready

When it comes to the Internet, the worst fear harboured by Canadian consumers is that the CRTC will come back from its “review” of its usage-based billing decision and determine that it was, in effect, the correct decision.

Industry Minister Tony Clement has stepped forward to assure us that, even if this does happen, the shields are up and the swords are pointed.

In a bold, blunt, and open statement, the Minister said earlier this week that if the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission comes with the same decision after review, “the cabinet would overrule it because it wouldn’t be consistent with government policy . promoting competition and choice.” He noted that “you can’t have competition and choice if you allow a major carrier to force its business model onto an independent service provider.”

The CRTC angered many with its initial UBB decision that Canadian consumers argued heavily favoured telcos, and that all three governments called anti-competitive. Vancouver-based OpenMedia spearheaded a protesting campaign and online petition, and is still actively supporting the cause.