The Eclipse is Complete: Amazon’s eBook sales surpass paperback and hardcover combined

November, 2007: The Amazon Kindle is born. 

July, 2010: Ebook sales on the Kindle surpass that of hardcover books on Amazon.

January, 2011: Ebook sales surpass paperback sales.

Now: Ebook sales surpass all print sales.

The exponentially accelerated growth of ebook sales is a combination of lower book prices on electronic platforms, superior convenience to print books, quality of experience thanks to E-Ink technology and its kin, and sharply reduced e-reader costs. Now, with the eclipse complete, it cannot be argued that ebooks aren’t a legitimate force and here to stay for the long term.

Ebook sales are already up three-fold in 2011 what they were in 2010, but perhaps what’s most remarkable is that Amazon is also experiencing its fastest year-over-year growth for print too. Have e-readers not only created a new platform for reading, but resurrected the print reading culture as well?