The Fabler Contest: Win Wacom and Sony PS3 Prizes!

Fabler LogoIt has been just over a year since we covered the launch of (Fabler Comics), a community site for Comic book Enthusiasts, so after hearing about their new contest I thought it would be great to check in with Bruno and see what’s new.

It turns out there is a lot! 

To start, they just launched a new contest where they are giving away a Sony PS3 Bundle,  a Wacom Intuos4 XL, and a Wacom Cinque 21UX!  All you have to do is submit an original work comic of at least 24 pages between June 15th and September 15thFull details can be found here.

Functionality wise, they have added the ability for users to now create a group in correlation to a variety of types, be it a collaboration, independent studio, anthology, etc.  There are several new features added to the web comic submission area, like allowing comics to be attached to a series and separated into multiple issues, displaying comics with 2 pages up, and allowing creators to specify which side of the spread the first page starts on.  (Their viewer still maintains image security to protect creators.)  The coolest update though is the new comic viewer.  Their old viewer had a few usability issues, but the new one works great and is super easy to use.  (The “ninja curser” is awesome…and I’m a sucker for anything with “ninja” in the name!)

From what I read in the latest post in their blog, the best is yet to come:

The tides are turning and as we approach and prepare for the launch of the new self publishing features on The Fabler. We figured, what better way than to pregame that launch with a contest!

Self publishing is the holy grail for The Fabler and will allow individual customers and retailers to print comics on demand, even in quantities that would make traditional publishers turn and run the other way.  Bruno was hush on the details, but did tell me that he has been building relationships with all the players needed to make self publishing a reality in the very near future.  By adding self publishing, Bruno will add the final piece of the puzzle to what he calls “Creative Feasibility”.  

Creative Feasibility is a term targeted towards the creators, where again our goal as Fabler Comics, is to create an online enabled ecosystem between the 3 primary markets of the comic book industry, The Fans, The Creators, and The Retailers, that encourages the constant creation and development of new ideas through sequential storytelling.  Our approach to Online Social Mechanics, being one process of many in our strategy and competitive advantage, allow creators that use the Free services provided by Fabler Comics, to efficiently identify their potential market and viability to the stories and products that they create.