The Four Values Underpinning a Successful Culture at Rubikloud

This year, Rubikloud has hit major milestones and raised significant funds in its mission to innovate in retail.  It could not have done this without a productive team and a competitive culture. 

Rubikloud is a retail intelligence platform that helps enterprise retailers by modeling their big data to provide insights that drive intelligent business decisions.

Laura Leslie, Rubikloud’s Marketing & Events Manager, says that “it’s apparent from day one to new employees what we’re all about, what matters to us.”

For those employees, values played a ‘big time’ role in the hiring process.

The four main values that anchor the culture at the company are based on the founders’ personalities and the industry they are disrupting. CEO Kerry Liu outlines them:

“Intellectual Curiosity:  Everyone in our company is incredibly intelligent, but in a curious way. We love solving problems that are hard and have a curiosity for things that normal people wouldn’t. You are more likely to find us playing a game of chess or debating something from hacker news versus drinking beer and partying. 

Defend your work:  Data science is inherently about testing various hypotheses. This means there is always the risk of having tunnel vision on how to solve a problem. This isn’t academia. We are producing products for a very fast paced industry. All of our work needs to be defensible. 

Action over words:  If something needs to be done, do it. No point in complaining if it’s not done. This is standard for every high performance culture, especially a start-up in the enterprise space.

Constant pursuit of excellence:  The technology retailers have been using is antiquated. Our incumbent industry players have gotten away with ‘good enough’ for far too long. Our goal is to finally build a data company for retailers, which means we can’t settle for anything but excellence in everything from our products to our client solutions and account management.”

 A strong effort is made to create a team that has internalized these values.

In the hiring process, one question that often arises is, “What is your current favourite technology company and why?”  It’s been stated that the hiring decision can turn on this question alone.  Without a good answer, it can be safely assumed that the candidate doesn’t have the necessary passion or intellectual curiosity about the space, and may not fit in.

Hunger and maturity are two other common qualities of the team at Rubikloud.  Hunger means craving the outcome to such an extent that the chaos of startup life will be adapted to and that growth is the expectation.  On maturity, CEO Kerry Liu has written in a blog post outlining it:

“We don’t hire for years of experience. We don’t discriminate based on age, gender, race, or any other factors other than maturity. I am of course talking about professional maturity. Personal goofiness, silliness, and general immaturity are all amazing features to have in a start-up. Who really wants to grow up anyway? We hire for people who are professionally mature.”

Apart from the values that direct the action at Rubikloud, being a member of the team means having some nice perks. Catered lunches, snacks, stock options, and personal development budgets to for self-directed growth are all part of the experience.

Beyond their values and perks, the confidence and vision at the company fuel motivation. 

“We are productizing the retail consulting market and making it easy for every retailer to transform their business for the future. Retail has been slow to receive innovation, and we are changing this,” says Liu.

Rubikloud is expanding and is looking for talent.