FundRazr and Fundica Launch The Fundees Awards for Canadian Startups

Fundica and FundRazr have teamed up to add a crowdfunding layer to the 2014 Funding Roadshow.

The Fundees Crowdfunding Competition, powered by FundRazr, will be unveiled at the Toronto and Guelph Funding Roadshow events.

A prize package worth $10,000 awaits two Canadian startups who “tap the crowd most successfully” in either the Keep-it-All or All-or-Nothing streams.  

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Startups across Canada (excluding Quebec) will strut their stuff during the seven-week “competition period” running from May 5 to June 23. Campaigns can be created and updated starting April 9 until the end of the competition period. A leaderboard will go live on May 5 and campaigns can be launched publicly on that date.

“Crowdfunding is a proven and powerful new way for entrepreneurs to build community, get market feedback and raise alternative financing,” said FundRazr CEO Daryl Hatton.

“We are pleased to launch The Fundees competition to celebrate more entrepreneurs raising capital as funders and backers conveniently access the campaign stories and perks online,” he added.

The Grand Prize includes: a Future Equity Crowdfunding campaign on the FundRazr platform with FundRazr fees waived, a Startup Marketing package courtesy CrowdClan, a Winner Promotional package including profile video courtesy FundRazr, and the first-ever Fundees Award representing market validation by the Crowd. Moreover, competitors keep the funds raised during the campaign.