The Future of Canadian Wireless at PNWS

Dr. Gerry Chan from the Government of Canada’s Communications Research Centre was one of the keynote speaker at the Pacific Northwest Wireless Summit, being held today at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver. Chan addressed the “Future of Wireless”, and he started his keynote by explaining that not only is the world going online, it’s doing so increasingly through wireless devices. Chan pointed to not only the emergence of the smartphone as a viable platform but also the shift from desktop to laptop for most users. Mobile internet devices also play a part in this emerging trend, he said. All of this progress is possible because of the gradual shift to 4G wireless. Chan also pointed to WIMAX as a potential avenue of future wireless access.

But another important trend is the emergence of the “green” phone, Chan said. He pointed to new prototype phones made of bamboo, creating a truly disposable phone. Moving past phones, Chan pointed to future deployment of nanotech sensors as a locus of wireless development. RFID is another wireless

New technologies worth watching include, MIMO, a method of increasing signal strength, ad hoc networking for sensor applications, and cognitive and software defined radio. Once a radio can adapt and has a measure of intelligence, it’ll change the game for wireless, Chan said.