The global (and local) venture capital environment

Randy Garg of PricewaterhouseCoopers gave a short summary of local and global VC trends at the 22nd Annual Angel Forum at the SFU Harbour Centre today. At $43 billion dollars, VC is at its highest point since 2001, and North America is around 68 per cent of global volume. Medical and biotech, as well as internet and software firms are the leading focus for worldwide VC investment. Clean technology, primarily in the form of alternative energy, power and conservation technology, is a somewhat volatile but rapidly growing investment environment.

Canada has also seen a rise in investment ($1.6 billion invested YTD), with Ontario the 5th largest area of investment in North America and BC the 20th largest. That may change next year, Garg said, because the BC government is rolling out a Renaissance Fund of $90 million intended to increase venture capital investment in the province.

Data Source: Thomson Financial