The Importance of Testing and Not Following

With further returns from Search Engine Strategies, Linda of the Get Elastic blog shares this video with Bryan Eisenberg of marketing optimization firm FutureNow. They discuss the importance of site testing for e-commerce sites, and no blindly following the strategies of the big players.

Tomorrow morning, September 11, 2008 at 9am PDT, Elastic Path is running a free webinar with Bryan on site testing and Google Website Optimizer. You can visit their site to sign up.

In the video, Bryan references an interesting history of Amazon’s shopping cart buttons with analysis of their reasoning behind changes over the years.

For better or for worse, something as simple as an “Add to Cart” button can have a huge impact on the business. Amazon knows this, and they’ve built a culture of website optimization. It’s this foundation that’s made them one of the top-converting websites, month after month.

For Amazon, success comes from a continuous cycle of optimization (measure, refine, test). Compare this rigorous approach to the fact that over 75% of online retailers don’t do any optimization testing, and you’ll begin to see why Amazon remains the envy of e-commerce marketers.

The key takeaway message: “Don’t copy what other people do if you aren’t fully aware of the business issues involved.”