The INC Society Wants to Upgrade Entrepreneurs

I wish it was a daily thing to spend time with an entrepreneur who starts a side project with the sole focus to help other entrepreneurs. It’s not. So my time spent having coffee this week with Mike Betts was extra-rewarding.

Betts is a Toronto-based and very well-known entrepreneur and startup advisor who had a really simple idea that began to gnaw away at him. He wondered why we can’t do more to make entrepreneurs feel a little special. It’s a question that has been on the horizon of many in the startup world for good while now.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur and small business owner my entire career and understand intimately that those of us running startups deal with a lot of the same pressures and responsibilities that our executive counterparts do in larger organizations but without any of the perks,” says Betts. “That always seemed unfair to me.”

So The INC Society was born. Betts and his partner Carly Wahl have begun to build a private membership community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and company founders from across Canada. Members of The INC Society have access to corporate pricing from a long list of brands and service providers as well as affordable health and dental benefits programs designed specifically for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small- to medium-sized companies.

According to Betts, members of The INC Society get:

  1. To fly with corporate rates and enjoy preferred pricing from a network of hotels;

  2. Access to health and dental benefits programs custom designed for entrepreneurs;

  3. Discounts on business services to improve their bottom line;

  4. Great benefits from popular lifestyle brands.

The INC Society is meant to close that gap and create a membership program that brings those opportunities to entrepreneurs.  Starting and running your own company of any size is an incredibly hard thing to do. With any luck, The INC Society will be able to make the journey a little bit easier and perhaps improve the overall quality of entrepreneurial life as a result.

If you want to check it out, the first 100 Techvibes readers to go here and register will get a 70% lifetime discount on their membership to The INC Society by using the discount code Techvibes05.