The Increasing Popularity and Importance of Tablets in Mobile Commerce

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Online retailers are slowly but surely realizing how important the mobile revolution is: already, up to 40% of online commerce is happening on mobile devices, a number that could jump to as high as 60% next year.

But we have to emphasize “slowly,” because most retailers are still letting their desktop webpages run idly on tablets, which is a rapidly growing and increasingly important segment of mobile commerce.

In fact, it’s now safe to say that “mobile commerce” can really be divided into two sub-categories: smartphone commerce and tablet commerce.


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Why is it necessary to differentiate between the two? Behaviours on each is decidedly and consistently different across all consumer segments in North America. Studies suggest that smartphones are used in the middle of the shopping process for such activities as price comparing, while tablets are typically used at the beginning for high-level research and also at the end to actually purchase goods.

And even though smartphones still account for more purchases overall, tablet purchases tend to be bigger. As a result, next year it’s anticipated that tablet commerce will account for just as much money spent as smartphone commerce.


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If the mobile surge is happening even without retailers jumping on board, imagine how many more sales could be realized if online storefronts took mobile design and optimization more seriously. Currently, most consumers report being dissatisfied with tablet shopping experiences—but given the popularity of tablet commerce despite this fact, retailers of all kinds and sizes should be drooling over the vast potential of a mobile-friendly online store moving forward.

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