The International Language of Hockey: Stats

Vancouver’s announced yesterday the release of its multi-language application within Pointstreak’s real-time scoring and official statistics system. Stats. Pointstreak’s latest innovation will allow visitors to Pointstreak generated web pages the ability to toggle between various languages, such as English, German and Russian.

As Pointstreak continues to expand into the elite hockey leagues of Europe, most recently the German Ice Hockey Federation, the Norwegian Ice Hockey Federation, the Belarus Ice Hockey Association and the Estonian Ice Hockey Association, the need for multi-language capability was essential. The multi-language ability is currently supported in the international version of “Pointstreak PRO”, the sub-category of Pointstreak Stats that is geared towards the needs of professional, collegiate, and junior leagues.

“With global competition increasing for the attention of the sports fan, Pointstreak’s multi-language application gives our customers the edge” said Gregg Sayer, Pointstreak’s VP of Communications, “Now our clients utilizing ‘Pointstreak PRO’ can deliver real-time scores and stats not only in English but in other languages of their choice. This new application provides our clients with access to a much larger fan base without borders.”

Smart move considering the renewed interest in professional hockey in Russia. The controversial Kontinential Hockey League (KHL) kicked off it’s inaugural season this week with Jaromir Jagr, Ray Emery, and Axelander Radulov suiting up. The KHL is shaking up the market for professional hockey players by offering the only alternative league since the WHA.