The Internet of Things is Cool and Real but We Need to Think About It in a Different Way

More and more, people and businesses talk about the “Internet of Things,” or IoT.

Is it a buzzword? Probably. But the idea behind it is very real.

Steven Sinofsky of Andreessen Horowitz notes that “we find ourselves at the start of a generation of invention where everything is connected,” adding that “we find ourselves in the midst of a generational change in the technology base upon which everything is built.”

But, he argues, we aren’t yet thinking about IoT currently. We’re stuck in the present.

The Internet of Things is not about the things or even the platform the same way we thought about motors or microprocessors. The big winners in IoT will be thinking about an entirely different future, not just connecting to things we already use today in ways we already use them.

Sinofsky echoes the sentiments of Benedict Evans, also of Andreessen Horowitz, who calls the trend “inevitable,” but also believes the things that new technology is used for can be hard to predict.

The Internet of Things isn’t likely to end up looking how we envision it today. But it’s almost certainly going to end up looking like something.