The internet’s finest movie database, IMDb, hits two-decade milestone – and celebrates with a facelift

imdbIMDb, an acronym for the aptly titled Internet Movie Database, achieves the two-decade age milestone in a couple of weeks.

To celebrate, or perhaps just as convenient coincidence, IMDb has revamped its website with a new emphasis on video clips and helping cenophiles pick the next flick to watch.

IMDb actually started before the Web, according to an interview between the Globe and Mail and the company’s CEO – not as a site but as a low-tech and very basic database program users had to install on their computers. Amazon bought it in 1998, and it now sees more than 25 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S. alone, ahead of even Yahoo. It sees 100 million unique monthly visitors globally.

IMDb rakes in revenue largely from ads, namely Amazon and Blockbuster.