The iPhone is Canada’s Most Searched Tech Device of 2011

kim kardashian and justin bieber“iPhone 5” was the most-searched consumer electronic device in Canada in 2011, according to Bing. (If you don’t know what Bing is, Google it.)

Apple dominated the search category: “iPad” ranked 3rd, while “iPhone 4S” ranked 6th and “MacBook Pro” ranked 10th. Two other brands got more than one search term in the top 10. Microsoft’s “Xbox and Kinect” scored number 2 and “Windows Phone 7” scored number 8. Ranked 4th was “PS3” while “PlayStation” came in at 7th. Completing the top 10 were “Wii” (5th) and “3D TV” (9th). No Android or RIM devices made the list. 

Bing also tracked other categories. The most-search celebrity event of 2011 in Canada was the Royal wedding, followed by Kim Kardashian’s wedding. Also in the top 10 were the Toronto International Film Festival, Amy Winehouse’s death, and Victoria Beckham’s pregnancy.

Royalty wore the crown in another search category, too—Top News Stories. “William and Kate’s Royal Wedding” beat out “Japan earthquake and tsunami,” “Osama Bin Laden death,” and “Hurricane Irene” to claim 1st.

The Most Searched People was a somewhat interesting category because Canadians searched for Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears the most—while the U.S. searched the most for Justin Bieber, who is Canadian. Our homegrown pop sensation barely made the list in Canada, sneaking it at number 9, just ahead of Kanye West.