King of Social Media: Justin Bieber Hits Seven Million Followers on Twitter, 20 Million Fans on Facebook

Canadian pop teen sensation Justin Bieber just hit his milestone 7,000,000th follower on social network Twitter, becoming the first Canadian and only the second person in the world to do so, behind (also pop sensation) Lady Gaga.

Bieber, whose new movie “Never Say Never” comes out February 11, is Canada’s ultimate social media all-star: shortly before hitting the 7-mil milestone (gathering half over a million follows already this year), he also cracked the 20,000,000 mark for his Facebook fan page – again the first Canadian and again trailing Lady Gaga.

But Biebs does trump Gaga in other key aspects: not only is he off to a better start in 2011 than Gaga, but he is a part of nearly three times as many “lists” as Gaga, a staggering 420,000 compared with a relatively meager 157,000 for Gaga, proving fans’ dedication. Plus, Gaga has had her account for a full year longer – imagine how they’d stack up if he had an extra year to grow. And let’s not forget that Bieber has nearly a decade on Gaga in age; if Twitter and Facebook are still as ubiquitous as they are today, Bieber could hit numbers unfathomable even today.

To crunch even more mind-blowing numbers, Justin Bieber is the only person in the world with a 100 score on Klout, which determines your influence on Twitter. It notes that he has had five million total retweets, as well as perfect scores in both amplification and network – all numbers far ahead of Lady Gaga’s wildest dreams.

Approximating Twitter and Facebook’s net volume of active users, roughly four percent of Twitter users are following Justin Bieber, as well as four percent of Facebook users becoming his fan. That means one out of every 25 people on these social networks is following him – can you imagine?

The “Baby” singer, who is also the author of a memoir despite being only 16 years old, has a cult following that is perhaps the most devoted this world has ever seen. And now, through the power of social media, such followings are quantifiable, and its truly breathtaking to observe.