The many reasons why I love (and hate) having a smartphone

For better or worse, many of us live and die by our smartphones—they are a defining aspect of our overall character, and the habits we develop with them and around them help shape who we are today.

On that, The Oatmeal hit the nail on the head (several times) with a series of comics called “Why I love and hate having a smartphone.”

For example, it’s good to know that when you stand around using a smartphone, you’re perceived by others as an important business person. But if you’re just standing there empty handed, you’re clearly a “past, present, or future sex offender” who offers free candy bars from the back of your windowless van—and spur passersby to make sure they bring their rape whistles with them everywhere.

All the situations may not apply to you specifically, but I’d wager the majority ring true for either yourself or someone you know—and if none of them draw a chuckle from your mouth, you may have a serious problem. (Or a dumb phone.)

What’s your favourite Oatmeal smartphone comic?