The Naked Truth Keeps Things Honest

The third installment of The Naked Truth, an annual business conference featuring a panel of respected practitioners who provide insight into their business philosophies, was held in Seattle this week, for a crowd of over 500 participants.

The conference is geared toward sharing pragmatic advice for startups, given by fellow entrepreneurs within the Seattle business community, to help bring good business models and strategies out into the open. In the spirit of honesty and cooperation, The Naked Truth is free to attend, and exhibits panelists who will share actual metrics and revenue models from their businesses, providing real-world insight rather than PR and punditry, a truly a unique and refreshing approach.

Each year’s panel has a theme; this year’s was “Show Me The Money,” focusing on how internet consumer businesses generate revenue via ads, transactions, subscriptions and affiliate programs. On hand to speak were entrepreneurs from restaurant recommendation service Urbanspoon, image editing service Picnik, online real estate brokerage Redfin, and video slideshow maker Animoto, to compare revenue models for Internet consumer companies. In keeping with the panel’s title, the entrepreneurs are committed to provide “the naked truth” about how their revenue models really work.

Video coverage of the event, organized by Redfin, can be found here.