The new frontier: Mobile social media

ItSpot is a Toronto-based company that is currently attempting to reshape mobile social media.  spot

ItSpot will be releasing specialized CitySpots Apps for Yorkville, the Entertainment District and the Toronto International Film Festival. These Apps will all be built upon the ItSpot platform and enable a unique social environment.

ItSpot focuses on each person or business’ unique perspective of the greatest places in the city and allows users to look through each lens, discovering new venues and experiences. These clusters of places are called “Sweet Spots,” and together they form an ecosystem throughout the city. Friends’ Sweet Spots can be viewed while on the go, revealing useful recommendations for shopping, dining and exploring the city.

By viewing their surroundings through only the Sweet Spots that are most relevant to them, users cut out the clutter and are presented only with places that will most likely be of interest.

Retail centres can experience renewed connections with their customers by providing a mobile social application – new opportunities become available for merchandising in interactive ways and shoppers can buzz about trends and purchases they’ve made.

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