The New Saturday Morning Cartoons

Great coverage of Vancouver’s Totlol on Techcrunch this morning.

If you have kids and Nickelodeon (or just doesn’t cut it for you all the time, tune into Totlol. It’s children’s Web video for the children of the YouTube generation. In fact, Totlol was built by one developer in Vancouver, B.C. (Ron Ilan, father of two) entirely on the YouTube platform. It is a collection of thousands of child-appropriate video clips from YouTube, chosen by parents, and rated by toddlers.

Techvibes uncovered Totlol in June and covered it again in August when it went into Beta. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Totlol, here’s the quick pitch. Totlol uses the YouTube API and reskins all the videos you as parents rate and collect for your children. Collections become playlists or your very own custom Saturday morning cartoon loop.