The Northern Voice personal blogging and publishing conference wants you!

The 7th Annual Northern Voice Conference is on May 13th and 14th this year and now is the time to make your plans to attend whether you’d like to be a speaker, a sponsor, a volunteer, or just a plain old attendee.

The call for speakers is on and Northern Voice organizers are currently accepting your proposals about topics relating to personal blogging and social media. While you don’t need previous public speaking experience, it doesn’t hurt and they’re encouraging both individual speaker proposals and panels. The deadline for speaker submissions is March 14th

Northern Voice is entirely volunteer-run, so all sponsorship money goes directly to running the conference and making it affordable. Which makes both organizers and attendees very appreciative. Since this audience is hyper connected on the social media front, your sponsorship dollars tend to go a long way. If you’re interested in sponsoring Northern Voice, contact then at to learn more.

Can’t afford a ticket? Organizers are looking for volunteers to help out and they may even let you in for free. Send an email to if you’re interested. And if you’re a non-profit, you’ll want to participate in the Northern Voice non-profit expo. Send an email to for more infot on the expo.

Early Bird Tickets goes on sale on March 1st.  And since Northern Voice has been sold out every year, you might as well save some money and buy your ticket online before they’re sold-out.