The Ottawa Network Start-Up Bootcamp

The Ottawa Network has announced that the next Start-Up Bootcamp will take place October 23rd, 24th and 25th.

Start-Up Bootcamp is an event to bring together entrepreneurs and talent from Ottawa’s tech sector to get cracking on new start-up ideas. At the end of the three days, judges will award the best start-up proposal $5000 for incorporating within 45 days.

From the TON website:

The event will place 75-100 people into functional business teams around ideas for businesses. The participants, composed of developers, business managers, start-up enthusiasts, marketing gurus, accountants, lawyers, graphic artists and other roles will work together during the week end. At the end of 54 hours, they will have turned a business idea into a business plan ready to start on the Monday. A review panel at the end of Sunday’s presentation’s will determine which of the opportunities is the best developed and award a prize of $5,000 as the first seed money to start the business (e.g. incorporation costs, start a website, etc.). Similar networking events have evolved very successfully in other parts of North America with this one being the first in Ottawa.

Register for the event on Eventbrite.