The Power of Hockey Night in Canada

As a hockey player, I watched in awe last year during the NHL playoffs as Ron Maclean hyped Blade Tape on Hockey Night in Canada. It was the ultimate testimonial for a young Canadian company and Maclean evened mentioned their website address on air – Imagine that traffic spike.

Vancouver’s Richard Findlay is responsible for rethinking hockey tape for the new millennium and uses his dot-ca domain name to promote it worldwide. During a hockey game with some friends Findlay figured that there must be a better way to tape a hockey stick. Twelve years and several patent attempts later, he found one – BladeTape. Peel-and-stick rubber panels that offer better grip and performance characteristics than wrapping traditional cloth hockey tape. is more that an online store now – Findlay uses it to interact with customers, market BladeTape to a worldwide audience, post pictures, make announcements, answer questions, and publish testimonials and customer stories. He’s even jumped on the social networking bandwagon with a Facebook group.

This profile is part of CIRA’s Tell us Your Dot-ca Story contest which asked entrants to describe how they use their dot-ca domain name. More than 4,000 entries were submitted by dot-ca domain name Registrants across Canada and BladeTape was one of the winners.