The Power of Ideas with #kwawesome

Last night was the inaugural #kwawesome foundation event! It was held at a lovely venue called the Little Bean Coffee Bar and turned out to be a night of pure… awesomeness. 

If you are reading this and you happen to be part of the Kitchener-Waterloo community, I strongly encourage you to come out to the next event and learn more about the wonderful people that help make this community amazing. There are also other awesome foundations around the world and so I encourage you to seek them out and spread the word because the world needs more of what happened last night. 

So what happened? 

Well it was pretty simple really… the stage you see pictured on the right became a platform for a group of select people from the community to come and spread their ideas. 

Close to a month ago, I wrote a post about the spreading of ideas; however, last night I bore witness to the sheer power of ideas. The feeling in the room as the event was going on was truly exhilarating. It was a combination of excitement, joy and the overall feeling as though you were all part of something awesome. At the end of the night, two people were rewarded with some cash to go and kick start their idea… but what’s more interesting… is that others who shared ideas were also rewarded by meeting people who were willing to help bring their ideas to life! 

That to me was the most awesome part. 

When people say they want to change the world, the statement is always relative… because an individual’s definition of the world may differ. You have your world and I have mine. Last night, everyone in attendance had a small peek into the worlds of different people within the community and at some point in the future… the power of ideas are going to help change those worlds.