The Power of LG Mobile

Jas Banwait is a friend of Techvibes (Toronto).  Jas is a serial entrepreneur and is involved in real estate, fashion and technology.  Today she guest blogs from the LG Fashion Week in Toronto.

lgLG is the main sponsor of Toronto Fashion Week, hence – LG Fashion Week, or what it is fondly referred to on twitter as #lgfw. This is a biannual event where some Canadian designers showcase their Fall/Winter collections. Of course, the entire venue is pimped out in the utmost latest and greatest LG gadgetry. The LG booth is also prominently displayed with large Andy Warhol like photos of Jeanne Beker and Joe Mimran. Also an impressive array of ladies wearing black belted button up dresses with shiny smiles to match the LG’s shiny new phones occupy the sleek space.   

After much inquiry from outside the roped off area, I was finally ushered in to investigate. It appeared the pop art photography was a marketing ploy for LG’s new phones called “Pop” and “Shine”. Both are the exact same phones except Pop had a chrome finish while Shine is sleek and quite shiny. Unfortunately, there was no “crackle” phone available.

The phones are actually the most compact, touch screen phones on the market and are intended to be used as social networking tools. In fact, they come connected to all of the top social media sites plus email. It allows customization of the main screen so that there is one touch access to your favourites like Facebook and Twitter. One feature that was fun was the ability to slide an icon on to the main screen, and then physically shake the phone to align it with the rest. There is also an application that allows for a direct link to your Rogers account so that you can check if you have gone over your data limit. Along with social applications, it is twit-pic enabled with a 3 mega pixel camera with flash. The phone was also able to switch directions and allow for text messaging on a keyboard like screen.

The Pop and Shine phones are both under $300, without a contract, through Rogers. Being a heavy BlackBerry user and loyal TELUS client, I can’t say I am convinced as all these features are available on my BlackBerry without all of the bells and whistles that are not necessary in everyday business.  Besides, I do enjoy my hot pink skin.