The power of the people: It’s time now, to think BIG.

The influence of community is often underestimated in its power.  On a grander scale, as an international community, I truly believe that there is more that unites than divides us. And this, is a powerful thing.  Today, November 16th marks the premier day of Global Entrepreneurship Week. The initiative, centred on the design that focused cultivation and mentorship is a key driver in breeding successful entrepreneurs has grown to touch individuals in over one hundred countries worldwide. It’s the week where thinking and collaborating across creative spaces and places is encouraged.  It’s the week when young people across the globe, will unite to confront the questions that have so profoundly driven their lives and emerge with that much more perspective.

Now, more than ever, it’s a moving time to be part of the passionate, entrepreneurial community of Canada. With larger to more intimate scaled events slated to hit most Canadian cities this coming week, the momentum and drive amongst youth and seasoned entrepeneurs of various backgrounds is decidedly apparent and ultimately inspiring as we watch ideas in motion, throughout the country.

Concluding this exceptional week of discussion, debate and inception, is The Impact National Conference 2009. This two-day symposium works to arm high-school and post-secondary students alike to become advocates, ambassadors and leaders within their own communities while developing key business acumen and important skills ranging from strategy design to negotiation – all skills imperative in future professional ventures.

Key speakers will include; Austin Hill, active angel investor within the entrepreneurial community, Brad Nathan, high-risk investor who has overcome failure to reap impressive outcomes, Susan Horvath, of Mount Sinai Hospital and Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks, on the top two business decisions required for successful entrepreneurs.

It’s particularly fascinating to watch the global community align and work in tandem to bring about an incredible sense of passion and commitment directed at generations on the verge of discovering and realizing their own ambitions. A lesson, in the power of community for us all? I think that might just be the case.

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