The Recognition of Innovation: Why it Matters.

There has long been a debate surrounding the merits of placing a hierarchy on art. Afterall, many argue that art in its very nature is relative to an aggregated perceived value. The same can be said for innovation. How do we measure modernism and novelty? Is it scalable? Furthermore, in these days of digital we may also ask ourselves if it’s becoming easier or more challenging to quantify ideation, as the qualifiers become scarce and the limits are endless.

Bring in the Media innovation awards (MIA’s).  If there was ever a question about the qualifiers and quantifiers within this unapologetically evolving medium, then the MIA’s surely put any hesitations to rest. Here’s why:

With a stringent judging mandate, the goal is clear: To reward those who bring something justly inspired to the forefront using an undoubtedly strategic and methodical approach to their vision. A daunting task? Some might say so. Yet, after ten years of recognizing growth, originality and cutting edge material, it’s clear that these awards really speak to the continually present implications of the media at a corporate, societal and global level. In differentiating between programs that have pushed the limits of strategy, execution and delivery, the bar is raised and as global citizens, we benefit in being impacted by these evocative messages.

Entries have been pouring in for months and it’s no surprise that the anticipation garnered around these awards is important and notable. So much so, that the jury consists of some exceptionally significant industry leaders – from brand envoys, to communication heavyweights to creative principals. Recognized judges will include CTV’s Rita Fabian, Anne Maclean of Proctor and Gamble, Nike’s Sarah Atkins, and Cineplex’s Zolton Toth.

In celebration of this excellence in media innovation, the gala event, which is an integral part of Marketing Week 2009, will commence at 6:00 pm at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and assures to bring together an inspired group of diverse influencers.

At a societal level, the benefit of recognizing art and innovation is invaluable. It forces us all to reflect on the changes we witness globally and the meaning behind the messages we consume. Rather than practicing blind consumption, we are able to build on the changing scope of advancements in diverse ways, continually stretching our minds and ideas to places unimagined.

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