The Ride Launches Canada’s First All-in-One Taxi and Transit App

This week The Ride launched Canada’s first national, all-in-one taxi and transit app that includes taxi e-hailing, public transit, and car-sharing options across the country.

The free mobile app, available for iOS and Android, allows users to hail the closest licensed taxi, find a carshare location, and plan their route on local transit options including subways, buses, LRTs and streetcars, as well as compare the estimated travel time and cost for each option.

By partnering with multiple taxi fleets, the app maximizes the number of drivers available and books one of the closest licensed taxis, regardless of company.

The Ride was developed by mobile technology company CellWand Communications.

“Today’s commuters, especially millennials, depend on technology and real time information to get around, and apps are a big part of this. So we set out to develop Canada’s most comprehensive ‘get-me-there’ app,” said Nick Quain, co-founder and CEO, CellWand.

The Ride utilizes the user’s location, allowing them to view and connect to a nearby taxi, track their ride once assigned and on route along with an automatically updating ETA.

“The Ride is Canada’s ultimate transportation solution because it includes every taxi company and combines access to all available public transit options, map directions, and carshare locations across Canada, with just a few taps within the app,” Quain added.

Users of The Ride can also enter their destination to compare estimated trip times and costs for various methods of transportation, including taxi and transit.

The Ride says it plans to integrate additional features in the app including in-app payment and bikeshare options soon.